Ms Ho Li Chin

Course Chair, School of Informatics & IT, Temasek Polytechnic

Li Chin is the Course Chair of the Diploma in Big Data & Analytics, and the Program Head in charge of part time Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics, SD in Big Data Management and the ELP program in Big Data & Analytics at the Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Informatics & IT. She holds a Master of IT in Business (Analytics) from the Singapore Management of University. She has been involved in teaching and course curriculum development as a Course Chair. She is experienced in teaching both adult learners and full time students. Aside from teaching, Li Chin has also worked on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics projects.

Data Analytics for Today’s Workforce

Data Analytics is are now at the heart of the decision making process for many businesses, helping to drive digital transformation, increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. With the tsunami of information faced by many in this digital era, the challenge is for us to pick out pieces of information that are vital to our work. How can we work smarter and be more productive? The answer to that is - Analytics. However, the challenge is knowing how to use analytics in our areas of work. Managers have to play the lead role in shaping the direction and planning the strategies used in a data driven approach. They would be able to appreciate how data analytics could be applied in their area of specialisation.