Mr Anders Christiansen

Regional Business Director, Grundfos

Anders Christiansen (Grundfos) – Anders brings with him over 20 years of professional experience in business development from different positions and companies. Prior to his appointment, Anders was the Business Development Director at Grundfos in Denmark, where he was responsible for its Domestic Cold Water Solutions. He has been working with Grundfos for more than eight years, having joined the firm in 2010 as a Business Development Manager for Domestic Building Services. Prior to joining Grundfos, he held multiple positions in Brødrene Hartmann, including Business Unit Manager in Malaysia and Business Director in Denmark. Anders holds a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from the University of Southern Denmark and a Diploma in Advanced Business Development.

Smart Chilled Water Pumping System - Designing for Maximum Energy Savings

This workshop will provide participants with a peek into how innovation in air-conditioning can still take place with the proper skills. You will get a chance to hear how this technology was developed and the substantial energy savings that can be achieved. This is just one application of the knowledge that you would gain from our upcoming course and could potentially give rise to the next wave in aircon innovation.