Mr Bidyut Dumra

Head of Innovation & Ecosystems, DBS Innovation Group

Bidyut is an intrapreneur by day, an entrepreneur by night and a werewolf on a full moon night. Within the Innovation Group the mission is to support the bank’s vision to attain & retain being the ‘Best Bank in the World’ by creating innovators on the inside while building effective ecosystems with the outside. He has worked across various industries, such as, media, telecoms, entertainment, automotive, energy, aviation and attempts one startup every year.

Near Death Experience

A transformation story about how a struggling bank decided to chase a dream of being the best. The idea of being an invisible bank is a bold one but DBS has evolved from its early days of financing Singapore's fledgling industries to becoming the best global bank today. How did DBS make the leap in the last decade and what does it take to create an invisible bank? Bidyut Dumra shares the story and why the bank is telling its customers to Live more, Bank less.