Dr Jason Tang Chih Wei

Director, Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Dr Jason Tang is currently the Director at the Environmental and Water Technology Centre of Innovation. He currently oversees a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers who work very closely with companies in developing innovative solutions to tackle problems faced by industry in the area of water re-use and treatment, waste management and energy efficiency. He first joined the centre as a R&D scientist back in 2008 and in his years with the centreĀ  secured not just R&D grants but industry consortium projects as well such as a project to convert waste okara to animal feed for the local floating farms. Jason frequently calls himself the dot connector as he is able to connect different ideas together that cuts across multiple disciplines.

Smart Chilled Water Pumping System - Designing for Maximum Energy Savings

This workshop will provide participants with a peek into how innovation in air-conditioning can still take place with the proper skills. You will get a chance to hear how this technology was developed and the substantial energy savings that can be achieved. This is just one application of the knowledge that you would gain from our upcoming course and could potentially give rise to the next wave in aircon innovation.