Mr Tan Eng Heng

Lecturer, School of Engineering, Temasek Polytechnic

Mr Tan Eng Heng is a Lecturer with the Diploma in Mechatronics. His work experience include high-speed machine design and automated material handling system for the automation industry. He is also proficient in ABB Robot Studio (offline programming and simulation software) and collaborative robot (YuMi).

Robotics & Automation in Manufacturing

Contrary to popular belief – and anxiety –, robots are not going to dominate the factory of the future. Rather, collaborative robots, or cobots, will work alongside human workers to improve efficiency and reduce hazards. This workshop provides an overview and context to the evolving manufacturing landscape and aims to prepare participants to work in a digital workplace transformed by Industry 4.0 technologies. Topics explored include the integration of robotics and automation in the manufacturing domain, as well as the increasing roles of robots in other industry sectors.